Taylor Fuels


The most versatile among residential fuels, propane can be used for home heating, water heating, cooking, clothes drying, pool heating, and more. Propane is a safe, dependable, and clean energy source that can power many of the appliances you use in your home every day. We offer automatic propane delivery so you can take a break from checking fuel levels and scheduling deliveries!

One gallon of Propane creates 92,000 Btu’s of heat.

Fuel, Payment & Service Coverage Options:

  • Automatic Delivery
  • Budget Payment Plans
  • Fuel Pricing Plans

On Road and Off Road Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel

Keep your company up and running with our delivery of On and Off Road Diesel fuel. Our Premium Diesel Fuel products are additized so your trucks and equipment run cleanly and reliably.

  • Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Products
  • Premium Grade Diesel fuel additized for the season
  • 24 hour availability accessed by our Preferred Customer Fleet Card System at our Dover Plains, Millerton, Pine Plains and Pawling branches.
  • Automatic Delivery

89 Octane Gasoline

89 Octane gasoline is available to your car or truck at our 4 locations. We also offer bulk delivery of 89 Octane Gasoline in our delivery area.

  • 24 hour availability accessed by our Preferred Customer Fleet Card System, at our Dover Plains, Pine Plains, Millerton, and Pawling locations. Call for details.
  • Bulk delivery to your business or farm
  • Automatic Delivery


We sell K-1, ultra low sulfur kerosene for outdoor specific tanks. Call us to schedule your delivery today! 1-800-553-2234

Kerosene customers are also eligible for our Automatic Delivery & Tank Protection Programs. Call for complete details

Super Clean Home Heating Oil

Enjoy the comfort and reliability of heating your home with oil.  On July 1, 2012, The State of New York mandated Ultra Low Sulfur Home Heating Oil making oil heat as clean as propane and natural gas.   Modern oil heat systems boast high efficiency ratings, helping to reduce your energy costs and keep your family comfortable. We offer automatic fuel oil delivery and service plan coverage options for your convenience and peace of mind.

One Gallon of Home Heating Oil creates 144,000 Btu’s of heat.

Fuel, Payment & Service Coverage Options:

  • Pay and order fuel Online
  • Automatic Delivery
  • Budget Payment Plans
  • Price Protection Plans
  • VIP Service Plan – BEST VALUE!
  • Service Plan B
  • Tank Protection